But I no longer hear the music


"I have a very bad relationship with the future. We don't get on. We just ignore 
each other."

Kate Moss & Pete Doherty

Don't Look Back Into The Sun
Tell The King
What Became Of The Likely Lads
Time For Heroes

nunca he sido fan de las despedidas
no las entiendo
tampoco busco que alguien me explique
simplemente, las evito

"Talent is luck.
The important thing in life is courage." Woody Allen

and we danced, and we cried, and we laughed

Goodbye - The Sunday Drivers

Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard

Mr E's Beautiful Blues - Eels

Let's Go Surfing - The Drums

The Sun The Trees - Russian Red

Emily's Heart - Jamie T

The Gardener - The Tallest Man on Earth

Someday (We'll be together) - Bruce Springsteen

Say Yes - Elliott Smith



When I was a young boy,
my father took me into the city
to see a marching band.
He said - Son when you grow up, will you be, the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned.
He said - Will you defeat them, your demons, and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made,
because one day, I´ll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade.

Fotos: Dorothea Lange

dos veces por casualidad son muchas veces

Sit me down
shut me up,
I'll calm down,
and I'll get along with you


everything can be said in a look

Ojala se te acabe la mirada constante
la palabra precisa
la sonrisa perfecta.
Ojala pase algo que te borre de pronto,
una luz cegadora
 un disparo de nieve.

Ojala por lo menos que me lleve la muerte
para no verte tanto, para no verte siempre
en todos los segundos
 en todas las visiones...

you look really good today

"People should fall in love
with their eyes closed."

there's innocence in every crime

With all the things you've brought to life...
Tell me,

Are you satisfied?
Are you happy now?

Cause it's not where you go when you die,
it's how you live when you're alive.
Who you touch and how you feel it.

Johnny Deep and his nice Megan

Streets of love - THE ROLLING STONES

no cigarrettes left

Photographers: Joseph Szabo, Maria Karavan's and Michael Flores

"But it seemed so natural, darling
that you and I are here,
just talking over cigarettes and drinking coffee."

running over the same old ground

"He estado haciendo fotos desde que era muy joven. No me acuerdo de qué edad tenia. Empecé pintando y dibujando y para mí la fotografía era un medio para dibujar, eso es todo. Un boceto inmediato hecho con la intuición que no puedes corregir. Si tienes que corregirlo, será en la siguiente foto. La vida es fluida y a veces las fotos desaparecen y no hay nada que puedas hacer. No puedes decirle a alguien "ey, por favor, sonríe de nuevo y vuelve a poner ese gesto. "La vida ocurre sólo una vez, para siempre."
Henri Cartier-Bresson.

heaven can wait

Mirar es una cosa.
Ver es otra.
Ver es muy difícil.
Normalmente, mirar es intentar ver.
Yo he mirado y espero haber visto.


time for Heroes

Audrey Hepburn & Anthony Perkins
Kate Moss & Johnny Deep

Me angustia el cruce de miradas, 
la doble dirección de las palabras
y el obsceno guiñar de los semáforos.

Me arruinan las prisas y las faltas de estilo
el paso obligatorio
las tardes de domingo y hasta la línea recta.

quiet town

bee, why are you staring at me?
I'm not a flower.

[Jack Kerouac]

They're playing our song
Can you see the lights?
Can you hear the hum?

Of our song
I hope they get it right
I hope we dance tonight
Before we, get it wrong

cos life is faster than sound

"We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. 
Life is eternal.
We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.
This is a precious moment.
It is a little parenthesis in eternity."

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

greats who died too young

[Dedicated to all musicians who tragically died at the age of 27]

Brian Jones 1942.

Robert Johnson 1938.
Delta blues singer.
Whiskey killed him.


Jimi Hendrix 1970.
Greater electric guitar player ever.
Music producer & singer songwriter.
His death has never been fully explained.

"I'll meet you in the next one." JH

Janis Joplin 1970.
Singer & songwriter.
Possibly heroin killed her.

Me and Bobby McGee.
Cry Baby.
Mercedes Benz.
Piece of my heart.

"You can destroy your NOW by worrying about tomorrow" JJ

Jim Morrison 1971.
Poet, lead singer, songwriter & video director for The Doors.
Heroin killed him too.

The Doors - People Are Strange.
Light My Fire.
Riders On The Storm.

Kurt Cobain 1994.
Musician & songwriter.
He was found dead at his home with a shotgun wound to his head.

Smells Like Teen Spirit.
The Man Who Sold The World.
Come As You Are.