greats who died too young

[Dedicated to all musicians who tragically died at the age of 27]

Brian Jones 1942.

Robert Johnson 1938.
Delta blues singer.
Whiskey killed him.


Jimi Hendrix 1970.
Greater electric guitar player ever.
Music producer & singer songwriter.
His death has never been fully explained.

"I'll meet you in the next one." JH

Janis Joplin 1970.
Singer & songwriter.
Possibly heroin killed her.

Me and Bobby McGee.
Cry Baby.
Mercedes Benz.
Piece of my heart.

"You can destroy your NOW by worrying about tomorrow" JJ

Jim Morrison 1971.
Poet, lead singer, songwriter & video director for The Doors.
Heroin killed him too.

The Doors - People Are Strange.
Light My Fire.
Riders On The Storm.

Kurt Cobain 1994.
Musician & songwriter.
He was found dead at his home with a shotgun wound to his head.

Smells Like Teen Spirit.
The Man Who Sold The World.
Come As You Are.

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