should I stay or should I go

"Really to see where you've come from, you have to go someplace else. Otherwise you wouldn't understand that the world didn't finish at the end of your street." MICK JONES

Joe Strummer
Mick Jones
Paul Simonon
Topper Headon

"I called myself Joe Strummer because I can only play all six strings at once, or none at all."JOE STRUMMER

 "Drumming became my first addiction." TOPPER HEADON

Well come on and let me know
Should I stay or Should I go

Should I stay or should I go - The Clash 

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  1. Inés, enhorabuena por tu blog.
    Seguiré leyendo!

    Ya he visto el vídeo que hicistéis todas. Funciona el cd.
    Muchísimas gracias. Nos ha encantado! Os ha quedado especialmente bien!!
    Tenéis un talento especial.